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Boutique quality care management. Our top priority at Alighieri Care Management is to help your loved one stay at home for as long as is safely possible. We can tailor a personalized solution uniquely designed to meet your family’s needs. Our familiarity with local resources saves you time, and often money. Our compassionate understanding of the aging process saves you distress.

Our experienced staff is quite accustomed to working with seniors who are initially resistant to our services. With observant eyes and a gentle heart, we listen and make it clear that our goal is to help your loved one retain as much control and autonomy as possible.

Seniors quickly realize that we are their advocates. We are their ally, not a threat.

Adult daughters and sons realize that we can
• offer suggestions
• smooth transitions
• provide an objective viewpoint
• save time, money, and distress

Give us a call at 212-799-2575 ext 1 or email us at ruth@acaremanagement.com. We’d be honored to help your family navigate the sometimes choppy waters of elder care.

Our Services include:

Creating a care plan: assessments and solutions

We meet with your family member and talk about his or her goals, concerns, hopes and fears. We look at the home situation and watch how he or she gets around. Over the course of conversation, we look for signs of memory problems, or other physical or emotional stressors. We also look for strengths and personal resources. For instance, what about your family member’s personality, history and social support system makes him or her uniquely able to cope with the challenges life brings?


Our goal is to provide a compete picture of the situation and then offer personalized solutions. Our recommendations will include the most appropriate and cost-effective support services available given your loved one’s preferences and resources. Our solutions may include

  • Screening, hiring and monitoring in-home help to assist with daily care such as shopping, cleaning, cooking, transportation and medication assistance.
  • Medical advocacy, taking your family member to the doctor and coordinating medical care services.
  • Suggesting community programs. We save you time and money since we know the eligibility requirements and the level of service available from local organizations.
  • Assisting with a move to a new location. Sometimes staying at home is no longer a safe option. In such cases, we can help you find a long-term care facility that that is the best match for your family member’s needs and preferences. We can even coordinate the move and help with the emotional and physical transition to a new home.
  • Acting as your eyes and ears, for family members who live far away. We can check in regularly to see how things are going, monitor for changes, and alert you to problems if they develop.
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Reviewing financial and legal issues

Alighieri Care Management is unique in that its principal is both an attorney and a psychotherapist. We can review family assets, existing legal documents, and make recommendations or referrals to appropriate professionals. We also have the ability to assist with health insurance reimbursement issues, questions around Medicare and Medicaid, bill-paying and budgeting.

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24/7 Crisis Management

If your family member falls, is hospitalized, or needs help on short notice, we are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can come to the home, the hospital, wherever you need us to travel in New York City to accompany your loved one and help ease the process. Families who contract for our on call service feel immediate relief having an experienced professional available who knows the goals, medical history, needs and preferences of their aging relative.

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Elder/Family Mediation

Elder care can be very stressful, bringing up old family issues and tension. Perhaps you and your mother were never very close. Maybe your father left the family when you were young, and now he’s needing care. Perhaps your older brother is lapsing into his former role as “the leader,” but he lives in far away and does not have the insights you do. Families take all shapes. We’ve seen it all. The principal of Alighieri Care Management is a licensed therapist with a background in mediation. At family meetings, we make sure everyone has a chance to be heard. We also provide objectivity and experience in elder care which assists you and your family members to arrive at solutions that bypass family politics and address the best interest of your aging relative.

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